Launch of Free Software Movement Karnataka

We, the Free Software Movement Team having been consistently working to build the Free Software Movement in Karnataka, have decided to consolidate our efforts by forming an organisation. Our work has been built on the work of the pioneers of Free Software in the country.

After much deliberation, we have decided to name our organisation the 'Free Software Movement - Karnataka' to symbolise the all inclusiveness of the Movement. What differentiates us from other LUGs,FSUGs, groups, organisations or networks is our approach to building the Movement. Our scientific understanding is that only a 'mass movement' in the Free software domain can bring about the various changes that we envision. To build such a mass movement, a democratic, transparent, representative and dynamic organisation is essential.

We understand that to address the various challenges before the Free Software Movement it is essential to have a broad based coordination among the various entities operating in the Free Software domain, in conformance with our principles. It should be noted that we are not affiliated to FSF-I or any other entity, at present. We represent the Free Software Movement. Prof Eben Moglen and RMS have been our inspiration.

The Convener is Senthil S.(9900262828) and Jt. Convener is Vikram Vincent (9448810822)

This core team is supported by a group of academicians, people from the industry and students from around Karnataka.

We present the 'Free Software Movement - Karnataka (FSMK)'