Free Hardware Movement

Freedom hardware Movement
Freedom Hardware Movement (FHM)
An initiative by Free Software Movement Karnataka (FSMK) along with the team of photoelectricchefs to spread the knowledge of hardware electronics by making it accessible to everyone.


A brief overview of FHM in simple terms

Q. What is FHM?

A .Just as software need to be accessible by everyone in order to have a stable society, hardware does not stay far behind. Software and Hardware go hand in hand. Having the ability to change and modify software, if you are unable to make hardware modifications, our scope of change is limited and the idea of making software accessible to all will remain a dream. Freedom Hardware Movement is aimed at opening the minds and education people towards the possibility of showcasing their ideas in simple yet powerful ways of using free hardware.

Q. What is the aim of FHM?

A. In order to bring this dream into reality we try to teach students the various tools and techniques learnt by us over time, forming a peer-to-peer group. Hence increasing knowledge practically, and also applying it to improve society. We will bring together students and Freedom hardware enthusiasts under one roof and give them a platform to grow and develop, also organizing regular events such as workshops and talks. Eventually modularizing electronics so that it can be used by EVERYONE!

Q.How does learning about Arduino and other freedom hardware help me in the long run?

A. In today's world innovation is a major requirement. If we can make that difference by helping people showcase their ideas on such a platform, innovation can happen at a much better and efficient rate!. It does not need a ten-pointer to understand the working of the hardware. It requires just an open mind!.

Q.Why FHM?

A.Recently, M$ tried to tie up with major manufactures of ARM chips to add a hardware lock on the OS that can be installed on the ARM. This would mean very soon students will no longer have access to practical electronics at a cheap rates. and this would almost put an end to innovative work by many hobbyists. Hence Freedom Hardware Movement tries to fight such laws by educating and exposing the power of Freedom hardware at the disposal of innovative minds.

Q.How do we function?

A.We have small groups of students whom we teach and mentor, currently our focus is on BMSIT,yelhanka and colleges around it. These students in-turn help teach others forming a chain. Along with this we conduct regular workshops and events based on electronics. But this does not mean we limit ourselves to BMSIT, if you are interested contact anyone of us and we will make arrangements to set it up in your college.

Q.Is it limited only to students?

A. No. Everyone interested in Freedom Hardware and Software is invited to be a part.

Q.Are we only sticking to Arduino?

A. No. We are a Hardware movement and support all hardware which come under the freedom hardware definition. Arduino is the forefront of Freedom hardware and hence we concentrate more on arduino. Additionally there's a lot of resources available for arduino and also scope for work.


A.FHM being a Movement does not have one particular place, though currently we are focusing on BMSIT(Bangalore) and surrounding colleges for our convenience if required we go to other colleges and conduct talks and workshops. Also, if you are interested in setting up in your college contact us and we will give you all the support you need.

Q.Arent there other organizations teaching arduino?what makes us different?

A.We believe in peer to peer learning, therefore you get a greater exposure to experience. hence, we form a larger community sharing ideas to make students understand better, and in the long run be more innovative.

Q.Who runs the Movement?

A.As every movement, this Movement too is run by those who are a part of it. Free software Movement karnataka took the initiative to start this movement, and a set of us working on Hardware, calling ourselves The photoElectricChefs joined in. We are here to make sure the objective of the movement is maintained through out.

Q. So how does Freedom Hardware work?

A. Unlike Freedom software which can easily be shared by everyone, hardware cannot. So this is the criteria for a project to be considered Freedom Hardware:
  • All physical designs and schematics must be easily available under a license which allows modification and resale of the new device.
  • All software and firmware must be modifiable by the end user using Free Software tool-chains
  • The owner has the right to repair, modify and re-purpose with legal and social responsibility.
  • The device must also allow:
  • Updating of all firmware and software by the end-user
  • The user must be allowed to disassemble and reassemble the complete product.

Q.How is it beneficial?

A. Most of us just leran theory in our colleges, and practical knowledge takes a back seat. This movement aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Q. So what are we currently doing?

A.Right now we are training students in BMSIT to learn arduino and other Freedom Hardware related topics. Then we plan to have a workshop cum exhibition somewhere in mid September. These are just tiny steps towards a Free World!Some day we hope to see Laptops that can be made out of Freedom Hardware!

Q.How to contact Us?

A. You can contact us at the following mail Id's:

if you are interested do join fsmk-discuss